L@AL – Gearing up to succeed!

The environment is really volatile and new education institutions are entering the market and springing surprises. Some of them are causing disruption to the existing institutions. As one of the leading group of educational institutions in the State, we need to build the resilience to confront these challenges from the environment for our very survival and growth. We need to create our own disruption, so that we are in a better position to manage the change. For this, we will have to continuously review our paradigms and try new initiatives with the spirit of intrapreneurship and learn to enjoy the new comfort zone.

Leadership at all Levels (L@AL) is a great initiative, which was introduced by our management last year. It is to provide a wonderful opportunity to many staff members to demonstrate Leadership, so as to ensure quick speed of response to both our internal and external customers. It will in the course of time, enable better decision making, improve succession planning and provide professional growth to many staff members, as we plan and aim for inorganic growth.

I believe if each one of us decides to implement the philosophy of L@AL and play our role as a leader and groom our team and they in turn help their team to demonstrate L@AL, we can make Leadership at All Levels a success. We must build our competency as an ongoing journey of self-renewal. When we succeed in making this happen, we will certainly be able to change the rules of the competitive landscape in our favor.

Many of us hesitate to move out of our current comfort zone and move into the new comfort zone. In order to enable this quick transition, we need to create a learning zone. This zone will help us to reflect and make an honest assessment of what we are doing well and what we need to learn. The new skills and knowledge will enable us to discharge our role as a leader. The learning zone will act as a creative rejuvenation and foster greater engaged commitment.

I challenge each one of you to reflect and make an honest assessment of how effectively each of us are implementing the L@AL, what can we learn and implement, and how we can encourage and challenge each team member to apply and demonstrate leadership in action. ASK if you need any help. Let’s make learning as part of our institutional culture.

I guarantee that this would result in improved decision making, improved efficiency, provide sense of individual satisfaction and definitely create empowered, happy employees. The impact will be high if we get everyone on the same page.

So, what’s stopping us from gearing to move out of the status quo comfort zone to new comfort zone?

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Abhirama Krishna
Abhiram is the Director of the South State Business School, Hyderabad. He is also the Group Head (HR) for the St Mary's Educational Society. Before joining academics, he was in the Sales & Marketing functions at senior levels for over three decades, spanning both engineering and IT service marketing. He has been instrumental in building organizations and creating leadership teams in both industry and academics. He is today a well known Strategic Business and Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Mentor.

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